Why We Dream

The Importance of Dreaming

Dreams are very similar to visions but there are a lot of differences. Before helping you understand your dreams, I would like to show you why you dream, and what actually takes place when you dream. This is something that not many teach on, and even the medical profession tells us very little about this.

They found some important things by doing dream experiments, and I would like to share these with you, along with my own experiences.

The Reason We Dream

Our bodies sleep to regain strength but this is not the only reason we sleep. Sleep also gives our souls a rest, and this is where dreaming comes in. Dreaming happens while the soul is doing an inner clean up.

This happens to everyone, and everybody dreams, though not everyone remembers their dreams.

Natural Dreams

Natural dreams are similar to natural visions, but they are not the same. 

They are a lot like trance visions, where you can feel like you are at the scene rather than seeing it from a distance. However these dreams do not need to be interpreted because they are only part of a cleanup process.

This will be explained more as we continue.

Different Levels of Sleep

Sleep takes place a different levels. The very deepest level is where the body is resting and slows right down. You do not dream at this level.

Later you move up to higher levels, and your body begins to experience Rapid Eye Movement sleep. It is during this phase that dreaming takes place.

REM While You Are Awake

REM sleep happens when the data stored in your sub-conscious mind starts to come up into your normal mind. This happens because the conscious mind is now free of datga coming in from the body and the outside world.

This can also happen when you are awake. If you face a situation where you need to make a decision, your conscious mind searches the sub conscious for data that it can use.

It is a lot like the RAM in your computer needing to load data from the hard drive before a program can run.

Remembering Your Dreams

A person usually only remembers their dreams if they wake up during the REM cycle. We do not remember most of the other dreams we have, because we slept right through them.

The Importance of Sleep

It is important to get rid of all the stresses that you have had during the day. This is what happens while you are dreaming. Changes are taking place in your inner mind.

There is stuff there that needs to be rearranged or taken out. It is a bit like a computer process called Optimization or De-Fragmentation. It needs to be run regularly to keep the computer running smoothly.

Your inner computer is no different.

Rearranging Your Sub-Conscious

Each day we gather new data for our inner mind. This needs to be arranged and put into all the right places in memory.

While you sleep data is being stored, removed and rearranged. And sometimes old data is thrown out in favor of newer input.

When this happens it comes out in the form of dreams.

Memory Recall

Your inner memory is like the hard drive, and it needs an index to access old data stored in it. When you need to remember things from the past, there is usually an index or trigger needed to pull it out. If you think about a subject long enough, you will soon start to remember things you had forgotten.

When old memories come out though, they are mixed with our feelings that we had when things happened. So when these things appear in your dreams, they are colored by feelings and desires which turn our dream into a real life event.