Why Supernatural Dreams

Why We Have Supernatural Dreams

Why exactly does God give us supernatural dreams? What is the main purpose for them?

For Personal Direction

The first purpose for a supernatural dream is for God to give you personal direction.

Your dream is God speaking to you directly and giving you some kind of direction for your life. 

Direction for Others

God can also give you direction for other people. It is an important part of the Prophetic Ministry. 

Supernatural dreams are a very powerful way for you to get the kind of thing that would normally be a vision. 

They will help you to have greater clarity in the prophetic word that God wants you to give out.

Even Given to Unbelievers

God can even give a supernatural dream to an unbeliever. It cannot come from their spirit because they are spiritually dead towards God. 

But God can still override an unbeliever and put a dream into their mind. When this happens they will usually need a believer to interpret it for them. 

This happened often in the Bible, in both Testaments.

Given to Believers

When a believer receives it, God is giving you some kind of personal direction.

And if you have any kind of ministry, then God is can give you that revelation for somebody else.

Given to Prophets

When a prophet has a supernatural dream it is usually for someone else. You will have to use it correctly and not keep it a secret.

When a dream is for you alone you do not need to share it,  but a dream that is for someone else must be shared. 

Demonic Dreams Can Be Deceptive

When a supernatural dream comes from the enemy it can lead to deception.

It happens when a demonic power imparts a dream into your mind.

Satan has no access to your spirit because the Holy Spirit lives there. But he can put thoughts into your mind. He even did this to Jesus.

He Needs License

To attack you while you are asleep, the enemy will usually need license. Someone in this world has to give him permission to do this.

We will consider this in more detail shortly so that you can identify and deal with demonic dreams.