Visions Ministry Tool

Using Visions as a Ministry Tool

Visions are not given to make you look good, or just for fun. They are given so that you can use them a tool for ministry.

Using Visions in Personal Ministry

This is where you are ministering to one person only. God will often give you a Word of Knowledge about the person. He will show you something about them either from the past, or something that exists right now. And one of the most common ways He will do it is through a vision.

You will see something about the person in vision that you can share.

This is how prophets can often reveal things about people that they did not know. They saw it in a vision.

Visions and the Word of Wisdom

If you need to give a person direction for the future, God will often give you a Word of Wisdom. This is usually linked with the future and shows God’s plan for the person. 

Your vision may show something that the person will face in the future, or something that they need to do.

Visions and the Discerning of Spirits

When the gift of discerning of spirits comes with a vision, you may see angels or demons in the vision. Demons are often seen as creatures or insects, especially if there is a spirit of infirmity attacking the person. The vision can show you where they are under attack and what the enemy is trying to do.

Ministering in a Group

Ministering to group of people is more difficult, because you need to know who the vision is for.

Vision for a Specific Person

God may give you something in your vision to show which person in the group has a need. This is how prophets can often call up a specific person from a group for ministry. You may see something about the person that makes them stand out and so identify who you should minister to. 

Vision for a Specific Need

Instead of showing you a person, God could show you a need. This might apply to more than one person, and you can share it with the group and appeal for those who have that need. 

Vision for Direction

God may give you direction for someone or several people in the group. Often this will be a symbol, like the door that John saw in Revelation, where he said, “Behold I stand at the door and knock..”

Other Ways of Receiving Revelation

Not all revelation comes using visions. When revelation is internal and comes up from inside the person, it make come using some of the other senses, like hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. 

And sometimes you may just ‘know’ in your spirit.

But visions are the easiest way to receive revelation, so it is good to learn how to use them.

Summing it Up

These are the main principles in using visions. But there is another kind of vision that works a bit differently. It is known as a ‘night visions’. This means you get the vision while you are asleep. In other words it is a vision given you through a dream.

This brings us to the next important subject in this course, which is learning how to understand your dreams.