Understanding Visions

Understanding Your Visions

If God gave you a vision, you need to do something with it. So you should learn to understand what the vision means first and then you can do what God wants you to do.

Knowing the Scriptures

The best way to understand your visions is to know more about the Word. The more Scripture you know, the easier it will be to understand your visions. This is because God always speaks in line with His Word.

Different Pictures In The Word

There are many pictures that you find in the Bible. Wind and fire usually speak about the Holy Spirit. Learn these symbols to understand your visions better.

Symbols for Internal Visions

Picture that come up out of your spirit will often be things that you are familiar with. To understand them, you need to think what those pictures mean to you personally. 

Symbols for External Visions

Usually when you get an external vision it is more powerful, and the Lord shows you what the pictures mean by revelation.There is always a danger of choosing your own meanings, and this is fine of the vision is for you. But if it is for someone else you need to be careful.

Wisdom to Apply the Vision

You need wisdom on what to do with a vision once you understand what it means. Wisdom comes from experience as well as inner revelation from your own spirit. It may take a bit of practice to get it right.

The Right Timing

When you share your vision may be even more important than what you share. The fact that you had a vision does not always mean you should share it right away. Learn to sense in your spirit when is the right time to share it. 

Getting Further Clarity

Often you need to share the vision before you understand exactly what it means. When it is for someone else, you may need to share it with them and see what it means to them. They may understand the symbols even better than you.

A Future Vision

A vision can have a future orientation, where you need to wait for something to happen before you share it. This all takes both practice and learning to listen better to your spirit.