Supernatural Dreams Visions

Supernatural Dreams

Supernatural Dreams and Visions are Different

Acts 2:17 says:

And it will occur in the End Times, says God, that I will pour out from my Spirit onto every kind of person: and your sons and your daughters will prophesy, and your young people will see visions, and your seniors will have dreams:

None of the dream types that we have covered until now are necessarily from God. Now we come to the third and final type which will give complete picture.

Originated by God

Supernatural dreams are those that come from God. In these God moves upon someone specifically to create a dream.

Anyone Can Interpret

Most of the previous dream types can be interpreted by anyone and do not require any prophetic orientation. But this third dream type is especially the realm of the prophet. Here is where the prophetic ministry begins to shine.

Different from Other Dreams

Supernatural dreams are different to other kinds of dreams.

Supernatural Dreams and Visions Different

The first difference you must grasp is that supernatural dreams are different to visions, even to supernatural visions.

You would think that since a dream is a night vision, that these would be the same, but there are differences. I will explain this shortly.

Not All from the Same Source

Although supernatural visions can come directly from God, not all supernatural visions are from God. 

There are two main spiritual realms  – the realm of light which is of God and the realm of darkness which is of Satan.

Since these two may look the same, you need to be careful when interpreting your dreams to make sure where they came from. If not, you could get into deception.

Supernatural Dreams vs. Supernatural Visions

We will start by looking at the differences between supernatural dreams and supernatural visions.

Internal or External Visions

When we looked at supernatural visions, we saw that they could be either internal or external. The trance vision is purely external, where God overrides the input of the senses to the conscious mind. 

Internal and External Combined

When you are asleep your senses are already blocked, so all dreams a bit like trance visions. But that does not mean all dreams are external. Dreams can be a mixture of both internal and external. 

Supernatural dreams are like a combination of trance and open visions and they can also have internal characteristics. 

This makes them more difficult to understand at times. 

Symbolic or Real

Supernatural dreams can be symbolic or real. So some of the symbols may be symbolic and some may be real.

How do you know the difference? In visions we knew that if it was internal it was symbolic, but now it is mixed.

This is why you may need additional prophetic revelation or outside help to understand a supernatural dream.

Prophetic Interpretation

If you are a prophet you will usually get the interpretation of a supernatural dream. It is what makes the prophet stand out. You may get a supernatural dream for someone else. so you need to understand it.

When someone who is not prophetic gets a supernatural dream, they may need the help of a prophet to interpret it. The prophet might get additional revelation to go with the dream.