Summary Principles

A Summary of the Principles

Below you will find a summarized list of all the principles that were taught in the book. You may skim through these to see if you can remember all the main principles. 

Where a section is not clear, you should go back and read that again in the main part of the book. That way you will be more ready to use that principle later in understanding your visions and dreams.

I. Visions

Visions may be one of the following kinds.

A. Natural Visions

1. Come from the sub-conscious mind
2. Have things that are familiar to you
3. Include visualization
4. Are real, not symbolic

B. Spiritual Visions

1. Influenced by the functions of the human spirit
2. Not based on past input
3. Always symbolic or allegorical
4. Have to be interpreted

C. Supernatural Visions

1. Come from the Holy Spirit

2. Can be internal

3. Always carry revelation

a. Always directive
b. Often is for others not you
c. Usually symbolic

4. Can be external

a. Can be counterfeited
b. The Open Vision
c. The Trance Vision
d. Not always symbolic

II. Dreams

A. Natural Dreams

1. The Healing Dream – Change the story ending

2. The Purging Dream – Getting rid of unwanted data

3. The Movie Dream – Finding a use for extra data

4. The Fantasy Dream  

a. Sexual fantasy
b. Other fantasies

5. Recurring Dream – Unresolved issues

6. Some of these also occur in animals

B. Spiritual Dreams

1. Humans only
2. Unbelievers also have them

3. Include spiritual functions

a. Communion and Herd Mentality – archetypal thinking
b. Spiritual intuition – inner knowing, hunch, gut feeling
c. Spiritual wisdom – future orientation

4. Dream Types

a. The Creative Dream  

i. Tapping your spiritual creative ability
ii. Animals do not have this

b. The Solution Dream

i. Problem solving through dreams

c. The Directive Dream

i. Helps in making decisions
ii. Cannot predict but can suggest options

d. The Warning Dream  

i. A negative directive
ii. Not a prediction but a possibility

e. The Teaching Dream

i. Pictures you can use in life and ministry

5. A Personal Message for You Alone  

a. Your dreams are always about you
b. A picture of your current life
c. Your dreams can portray what is happening in your life

6. Good and Bad May Be Relative  

a. Negative dream may be good
b. Positive dream may be bad

7. Symbols Different for Everyone  

a. Identify your own personal symbols
b. Your personal symbols will recur

C. Supernatural Dreams

1. Different to Supernatural Visions

a. Internal and external are combined

b. Can be symbolic or real

c. Prophetic dreams can include interpretation

d. Originated by God or Satan

2. Reason for Supernatural Dreams

a. Personal direction

b. Direction for others

3. Who Gets Them

a. Believers

b. Unbelievers

c. Prophets

4. Divine Supernatural Dreams

a. Given mainly to believers

b. Related to the future

c. Directive in nature

d. Point to change in direction

e. May be warning dreams

5. Interpreting Divine Supernatural Dreams

a. Require action – e.g. Agabus

b. Must be interpreted for unbelievers

c. Prophet gets wisdom to interpret

6. Demonic Supernatural Dreams

a. Nightmares

i. Produce stress instead of removing it

ii. Seen in Job

iii. Can be deceptive

iv. Are evidence of a curse

b. Dreams of Divination

i. Give greater detail

ii. Can be falsely positive

This then covers everything taught in this book. You should reread the book until you understand all, and if necessary also try to get hold of the original video or audio of the teachings to help make things even clearer.

You can find these on, where you can read and watch the videos if you are a contributing member. Or you can order the mp3 audio files from our bookshop at