Spiritual Dreams

Spiritual Dreams

How Your Spirit Affects Your Dreams

Spiritual dreams are the first kind that may need interpretation. This will be the largest part of this teaching and will include some ways for you to interpret your dreams.

Natural Dreams Also for Animals

Because an animal also has a soul like man, natural dreams can also take place in animals. But only man can have spiritual dreams.

Spiritual Dreams Also for Unbelievers

A spiritual dream is not only for believers. Since unbelievers also have a spirit, they can also have spiritual dreams. 

Spiritual dreams are not necessarily from God. They come up out of the human spirit and are not therefore supernatural. This is another kind of dream which we will look at later.

Solution in Your Sleep

When you have a problem that you cannot solve, it is possible to ‘sleep on it’ and find the solution in your dreams. 

A spiritual dream can be a way for your inner spirit to give you the solution you are looking for. This can happen in different ways

Remembering Your Dream

Spiritual dreams need to be interpreted. You will first need to remember it to do this.

Because these dreams are usually symbolic or allegorical, they cannot be taken at face value or literally.

Sensing Your Dream

You may also sense the effects of your dream without remembering it. 

Your dream has put the solution into your inner mind, and it might pop up unexpectedly, giving you the solution.

Knowing the Answer

The final effect is that you might just wake up knowing what to do. You cannot remember dreaming about it, but you do have the solution.

Functions of the Spirit

Spiritual dreams have the effects that they do because of the three functions of the spirit.

Communion and Herd Mentality

The communion function of the spirit allows us to make contact with the spirits of other humans. As a result we often think similar to those around us.

Many of the symbols you use in your dreams from the this kind of herd mentality, and may be common to the people around you.

Spiritual Intuition

Intuition is an inner knowing. It reveals itself by making us feel a go ahead to do something, or a check or block inside.

When used in your dreams it helps you to know which way to go.

Spiritual Wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to use past knowledge to make future decisions. 

When you need direction for the future, your spirit can supply this from your inner spiritual wisdom function.

This can be given to you in your dreams.