Spiritual Dream Types

Types of Spiritual Dream

Now that we understand what spiritual dreams are and what they accomplish, I want to go on now and look at some actual types of spiritual dream. I have already given you a very good idea of what a spiritual dream is and does. Now I am going to give these dreams actual names so that you can understand them a bit better.

The Creative Dream

The spirit in man, gives us two things that animals do not have. 

We can create and we can originate things that did not exist before. 

Animals work by instinct, which makes all similar animals do the same things. But man can create new things.

Man is Creative

As human we depend on being able to create something new. Business could not survive without this.

But how do we come up with new ideas? Often they come to use while we are asleep.

Many new ideas or inventions came as a result of a dream.

The Solution Dream

This is a dream which gives you the solution to a problem you could not solve. 

Once again this is similar to other dreams, and some of these things can even happen while we are awake. 

But identifying this helps to see that your dream falls into the spiritual category.

The Directive Dream

This is similar to the solution dream, but it has a specific emphasis. 

This dream has a future orientation and helps you to decide which way to go. 

This is not a predictave dream, which tells you what is going to happen. It is a dream which helps you know the best way to go. 

The Warning Dream

This kind of dream is often negative. But once again, it is not a prediction telling you that something bad is going to happen. 

It is a warning of what could happen if you do not take action. It is different to a nightmare, which we will look at later.

The Teaching Dream

The final spiritual dream type is what I call a teaching dream.

One of the best ways to impart knowledge to others is to paint pictures for them. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Your dreams are full of pictures, and you can often use some of these to help you explain and teach important principles to others. They also help you understand things better yourself.

Keep a Dreams Journal

One of the best ways to use your dreams correctly is to write them down. 

This will not only help you to remember and understand them, but it can become a source for good ideas if you later want to write a book.

Of course the best way to use these dreams is to interpret them correctly. That is the subject we will look at next.