Spiritual And Supernatural

Spiritual and Supernatural Visions

Natural visions only use the body and soul. Spiritual and supernatural visions also include the human spirit.

Different from Natural Visions

Spiritual visions come from deeper inside and are influenced by the functions of the human spirit, so they are different to natural visions.

Influenced by Spiritual Functions

The three functions of the human spirit are communion, intuition and wisdom. Each of these has a different effect on your vision. 

Communion allows us to pick up things from the spirits of other people. Intuition makes us know things from deep inside, and wisdom gives us direction concerning the future.

These all function also in unbelievers and are not necessarily from God.

No Previous Input

A spiritual vision comes from your spirit rather than your sub-conscious. So it is not made up of things you learned or saw before. It has original pictures of things you are not familiar with.

Symbolic in Nature

A spiritual vision is seldom real, but is always symbolic or allegorical. This means the pictures in the vision are only symbols of something else and do not represent the actual things you see. 

Interpreting Spiritual Visions

Because spiritual visions are always symbolic, they need to be interpreted to be understood. You cannot take them at face value. This still does not mean that they came from God. They are still not supernatural.

Supernatural Visions

When God becomes the source of your vision, through the Holy Spirit that lives in every believer, then the vision is supernatural. This is the kind of vision that is the most powerful, and the kind of vision we should all be looking for.

Comes from the Holy Spirit

Because this kind of vision comes from the Holy Spirit, it does not happen in an unbeliever, unless the Lord decides to override their mind from the outside. Usually in unbelievers a supernatural vision comes from Satan or a demon power and should be ignored. 

Internal Visions

There are two ways that God gives supernatural visions. The first is from inside, where He puts the vision into your spirit and your spirit then sends it out into your mind.
This is known as an internal vision

Revelation Involved

An internal vision is given as a revelation from God. It is always symbolic and needs to be interpreted to be understood.

Directive in Nature

An internal vision is God giving you direction for your life and ministry. So the vision will be directive and tell you what to do. It is usually for you personally, but not always. 

Visions for Others

If God gives you a vision for someone else, then He wants you to go and share it with that person. Be careful though, because a person in your vision could also be a symbol, and the vision might still be for you and not that person.

An External Vision

In this kind of vision, God bypasses your spirit and puts the vision directly into your mind from the outside. 

The Counterfeit Spirit

The problem with external visions is that they can also come from a supernatural source that is not God. Satan tries to counterfeit what God does, so be careful before you accept an external vision as coming directly from God.

This is especially important where you think you heard an audible voice or the vision was forceful. God speaks gently, even when it is from the outside, and He seldom overrides our natural senses that strongly, unless it is needed.

The Open Vision

In an open vision God overrides our natural sense of sight, and imposes the vision on top of our normal vision. So in this kind of vision, you will see the vision appearing as part of your normal sight. It will look like something tangible that your eyes are seeing.

If Jesus appears to you and talks to you and you can see Him standing in your room, this is an open vision.

The Trance Vision

A trance vision is where your normal sense of sight is replaced by the vision. You think you are actually in the scene of the vision and it is like you are standing right there, instead of seeing it as a picture in your mind.

Not Always Symbolic

An external vision is not always totally symbolic. It may be a mixture of the two or even totally real. This sometimes makes it more difficult to interpret, because there may be a mix of real pictures and symbols.

God usually gives you the wisdom to know the difference.