Removing Stress

Removing the Stresses Through Dreams

The Healing Dream

Our bodies get sick when they are attacked by germs and viruses. But the soul can also become sick as a result of the hurts of life. 

Your dreams are able to heal these effects in your soul.

Changing the Ending

The best way to heal a bad experience in life is for you to relive the experience with a happy ending. 

You cannot do this in the natural, but your dreams can do this by creating a little movie for you to relive that event.

Examples of Healing Dreams

A healing dream can take away the guilt of past failures.

A healing dream can heal bad relationships.

When you wake up and your bad feelings are not there anymore, you have probably had a healing dream. It does not need to be interpreted, because it already did the job.

The Purging Dream

A purging dream is one that helps you get rid of a lot of data that you cannot use. 

Perhaps you have had a lot of experiences during the day that you do not need to keep. Instead of building these into your templates and inner memory, you get rid of them during your dreams.

These dreams are often mixed up and confused and have no real direction. When you get a dream like this do not try to interpret it. It has already done its job.

The Movie Dream

The movie dream is similar to the garbage dream, but the data makes more sense. There are lots of things that happened and memories that you cannot use right now.

So your dream turns them into a story and runs its own little movie production, often with you as the star.

This dream has no meaning, but you might enjoy the experience. It is a free movie for you to watch, and you might get some ideas from it that you can use.

The Fantasy Dream

This is the kind of dream we all love and wish we could have all the time. It is a dream in which you fulfill some of your fantasies.

The main purpose of this dream is to take away some of the stresses of not having your wishes in real life. It helps you to keep going without becoming discouraged.

The Sexual Fantasy Dream

A fantasy dream may contain sexual content which could make you feel guilty afterwards. But unless you dwell on the pictures and allow them to fill your fantasies, they could bring a release from sexual tensions that are causing you stress.

This kind of dream is more common in single people who cannot fulfill their sexual desires naturally.

Other Examples of Fantasy Dreams

Your fantasy dreams can also include overcoming problems in health, wealth and relationships. You can do and be there what you are not in the natural. 

The Recurring Dream

When you keep having the same dream over and over again, it means that your dream did not resolve the problem that exists. 

You may need to make a decision in your dream. Or perhaps you need to deal with the problem through counsel and prayer while you are awake.

Wrapping it Up

Do not try to interpret natural dreams, or share them with others for interpretation.

These dreams reveal some of your inner secrets, and if you share them freely, you might be opening up your heart and showing others what is inside.

Unless you plan to do this to receive counsel, rather just accept that your dreams have already done their job and leave it at that.