Places Colors Numbers

Interpreting Places, Colors and Numbers

Having dealt with the objects, let’s move on now to places. I have covered some places already because we have dealt with buildings, which are specific places. But I am going to be more general now as we look at places.


Probably the biggest place of all that you can have is a country. What country are you dreaming about?

A country is something that has influenced you in the past, and with which you identify. 

It can be a picture of a way of thinking or believing. If you leave your country this could speak of a major change in your life. 

A country can speak of both good and past programming in your life. These are things that control you.


Your home town could be a picture of good experiences or a place you are trying to forget. It can speak of past memories and experiences that you should either return to or leave behind. 

Public Places

Next you can dream of public places. 


A shop is where we buy new things we like. Your experiences in the shop could show what is going on inside you.

This place could be a picture of the things you use to make you feel better. If you hate shopping, then it could represent something in life you are avoiding. 

Airports, Stations or Harbors

For me these places are usually negative. They are where I had to say goodbye to someone that I loved. 

If you love planes or boats and could spend hours watching them, then they could mean something totally different to you. 

So these places could speak of change or they could speak or comfort zones or fantasies. 


How do you feel about going to the movies? What past experiences did you have at the movies? 

There may be happy memories or bad memories associated with these places. There could be a romantic association or breakup you try to forget.

Once again, your own experiences will show what this means to you.


For me school always held a negative picture. I hated school because I had so many bad experiences there. But for you it could be very different.

So past school experiences can decide what this place means to you.

School is also a place of learning, so this symbol could speak of something you need to learn or relearn. If you dream of going back to school, it could mean you need to relearn some things you forgot. 

If you feel that education is vital to your life, or that you lack in this area, then this place can mean a direction you should follow.

Colors and Numbers

Colors are not always that common in dreams unless you are a very visual person and find colors important.

Colors, like any other symbol can be both positive or negative, depending on whether you are affected by a color or not. Some people have favorite colors which mean a lot to them, so these colors in their dreams can be pictures of the things we like or feel comfortable with. 

Numbers should never be interpreted using numerology. Nor should they be used to see a prediction in your dreams. So be careful with these things. If a number stands out, then it means something special to you.

Bright Colors

If you love bright colors then these are positive pictures for you. But you may feel that the colors are too bright and overdone. Whatever gets your attention or affects you shows something in you that is represented in the dream. 

Dull Colors

Few people like dull colors, so these are likely a picture of something negative. But they could also mean a comfort zone, or some of your qualities that are really ordinary and do not stand out. 

What objects had these colors? That could show you what place they take in your dream symbols.

Different Meanings

Colors can mean different things. For example red can mean pain and wounds. It can also mean a stop sign and it could be a warning. Red may speak of excitement like your blood pumping. What does it mean to you?

Green can speak of prosperity and growth like beautiful green grass. It can also be a picture of something that is sour or unripe. Green can speak of envy or jealousy. People say,

“I am green with envy.”

Blue can speak of peace and tranquillity. Think of a blue sky or a beautiful blue lake of water. It can also be mold that you get on cheese or bread when you leave it out and it goes stale.

Perhaps it speaks of freedom, like the blue sky. Or maybe it speaks of the lovely calm feeling that you have when you are sitting next to blue water.

Then you have yellow. It can mean brightness and radiance like the sun. Or it can mean something is off white like paper that has turned old and yellow.

Purple can be a picture of royalty or majesty. It can also be a picture of a bruise. It can mean pain or suffering.

Orange can be that beautiful tasty fruit that invites you. It can speak of warmth or comfort.