Personal Dream Message

Basic Principles of Dream Interpretation

A Personal Message for You

A spiritual dream contains a message especially for you. It is filled with information from all of your five senses. But since the sense of sight is the strongest, this is usually used more.

Spiritual Dream is for You

The spiritual dream is not for other people. It is for you and for you alone. So your dream is always about you.

There is a danger of thinking that because you dreamed of someone else, your dream is giving you a message for them. 

Other people are nearly always symbols or pictures in your dream of part of you. They seldom represent themselves but are a picture of some influence in your life.

A Picture of Your Life

People, places and things and activities and events are always a picture of you and your life in your spiritual dreams. 

To understand or interpret your dream, you must first identify what these mean to you personally. You must avoid the temptation to see them as literal or real. Rather see what they are pictures of to you.

Getting Outside Help

Often your dreams show you things about yourself that you cannot or do not what to see.

It helps to share your dreams with other people who see you through different eyes.

We are all good at identifying weaknesses and flaws in others. So let someone else point out what your dream is saying if you find this difficult to do.

Not as it Seems

Not all bad things in your dream have bad meanings. Also not everything that seems good has a good meaning. 

I have often had people share with me dreams that they thought were negative. And I have been able to show them the positive message that the dream really has. 

If you dream that someone dies, for example, it could mean that something in your life has died that needed to go. This is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Different Interpretations

The symbols in your dreams may be different for you to what they are to others. There are some common pictures that we all understand. But a lot of the time what something means for you is for you alone.

An old psychological trick called word association shows that each of us thinks about something different when a word is mentioned. 

In the same way, the pictures you see could bring different responses to different people. It depends on your experiences in life.

Symbols Can Recur

Some symbols will appear often in your dreams, and in some cases will always mean the same thing to you.

It helps to identify these symbols for yourself so you can understand future dreams. This helps you to learn how to interpret your own dreams.

Basics of Identifying Symbols

Your unique symbols are based on your own experiences in life, and the people that you hang around with. 

Some of these may come from your own culture or nationality. Some are gender based or related to your community.

Learn these to help understand your dreams.

Symbols Unique to You

You cannot use a book of symbols to understand your dreams. To do that you will need to compile your own symbol dictionary. 

I will be giving you a llist of typical symbols in dreams and showing you how to find out what these mean in your own dreams. 

The Right Way to Get Help

If you need someone to help you with your dreams, choose someone who knows you well or with whom you are involved in ministry.

Anyone could pick up a book of symbols and try to interpret your dream for you. But unless they know a bit more about you, they will likely come up with the wrong interpretation.

So if you ask someone to help you who does not know you well, make sure you tell them a bit more about yourself first.