Kinds of Stress

Kinds of Natural Dreaming

Different Stresses

What kinds of stress do we face during the day?

Here is the biggest stress; the most profound, painful and difficult stress to handle in this life.

It is called change

Over time we build up enough history to know how to handle the situations we face. 

But when changes takes place, you suddenly find yourself unable to cope. You have to think outside the box.

Stress of Change

Some of the changes that can cause stress in our lives are:

1. Transfers to new job or location

2. Divorce or marriage

All of these can produce stresses leading to a need for more dream sleep.

Stress of Fear

Fear is based on past experiences and is strongly connected to our inner templates. Dreams are able to clear out this stress. 

Stress of Worry

Worry is similar to fear but not the same. Worry is based on the future whereas fear is based on the past. 

Dreams have the power to relieve our worries so that we wake up feeling more positive.

Stress of Rejection

It hurts when people reject you. But dreams can take away the sting and help you let go of the pain.

Stress of Failure

Failure causes great stress in our lives. It can be overcome by counsel using the Word, but unless you can find someone to counsel you, or get into the Word yourself, you need your own inner counselor.

The more Word you have in you, the easier your dreams are able to help you overcome this stress.

Stress of Unfulfilled Desires

Unfulfilled desires can be a big stress. Dreams can help you feel that these desires are fulfilled and take away the stress.