Interpreting Objects

Interpreting Dream Symbols

Interpreting Objects

We continue from the previous section where we looked at symbols of people. The second group of symbols I want us to look at now is what objects mean in your dreams.

Things You Can Identify

Again it follows a similar pattern as before. We firstly have objects that you know or can identify.

They could be things you consider valuable or junk. Your attitude to each can decide what they mean. They could be a picture of skills or some of your favoriteactivites. Or they could be things you have not or do not know how to use.

Things You Don’t Know

You may see an object in your dreams that you do not recognize. This can happen, since the dream comes from your spirit and not your past memories. 

Such an object clearly represents something new or different in your life.

Picture of New Things

Perhaps this is something new that you need to identify. It could be a part of you that has been hidden away or you were not aware of. 

It could be a picture of a new direction in your life that you have not gone before. 

Common Objects in Dreams

There are some objects that we all know and can identify. These often have a similar meaning for most people. 

I will share what they mean to mean, and often also to others.


A vehicle in a dream most often speaks of a ministry or business activity. Since they are usually moving, they speak of activities in our lives. 

The size of the vehicle can determine your status or goals in life. How the vehicle runs or who is driving it can also show you something about how good you are or if you are in control of this part of your life. 

If you are driving you are in control, but if you are a passenger then someone else is in control.


Buildings are where we live or work. So a building can often be a picture of your life, and what you are doing in your life. 

So a building could speak of a career or work, or it could speak of the kind of life you are living. 

Whatever you are doing in the building in your dream can show what you need to do or change in your life or work. Moving into a new building can certainly picture a big change in your life or work. 

Things You Use

Maybe there are objects in your dream that you use. I have called these objects the two T’s – Tools and Toys.


Where the objects in your dream are things you use all the time, then they likely are a picture of tools. That means they speak of your current abilities or comfort zone.


Toys are your desire for fun and entertainment. They are your escape from the stresses of life.

So an object that is a toy in your dreams is a picture of the influences in your life that make you feel good. What happens to these objects can show you whether there are changes needed or improvements you need to make.