Interpreting Dreams And Visions

You Can Understand Your Dreams

Everyone dreams, but few people really understand what their dreams are doing or telling them.

Dreaming does not always have a message in it, but often there is wisdom in your dreams that could help you make decisions in life and avoid problems. And they can even be a way in which the Lord speaks to you.

I have explained everything you need to know about dreams in my book Prophetic Visions and Dreams, so if you want the full teaching I recommend you get your hands on it.

Summary of Dreams Teachings

For those who cannot afford it, I am also including on this website, summaries of all the main teachings on the subject to get you up and running right away.

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Summary of Dreams

Everyone Has Visions

I have given detailed teaching on this subject in my book Prophetic Dreams and Visions, but to help you I have also given here, free of charge, a summary of the main principles that I taught on the subject.

If you read the pages below, you will get all the main principles for free. The book explains them better, but if you cannot afford the book, then you can still learn the more important parts of using visions.

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Summary of Visions

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