Interpretation Tools

Interpreting Your Visions and Dreams

Below you will find a summary of what was taught in the book concerning symbols in your dreams.

Use this list with the Dream Project Sheet, and you will be well on your way to interpreting your dreams.

Common Dream Symbols

A. People

1. Examine your relationship – what does this person mean to you
2. Identifying features – male, female, tall, short, macho, etc
3. Male or female can mean your masculine or feminine side
4. Always use allegories

Specific Symbols

Parents – major influences in life. Father can be God, mother can be the Church


  1. What you are married to 
  2. Commitments and responsibilities

Siblings – part of your inner nature

Children – things you originated or birthed

Friends – good and bad relationships

Boyfriends, girlfriends and ex-spouses

  1. Things you may be clinging to
  2. First love important

    Associations – good influences

    Past Relationships – possible bitterness and anger

    Summary of Interpreting People

    1. Where does this person fit?
    2. Are they close or distant?
    3. Are they relatives, friends or ex’s?
    4. Your relationship and attitude toward them
    5. What can this symbol mean in your dreams? 

    B. Objects

    1. Things you can identify
    2. Things you do not know
    3. A possible picture of new things in your life

    Specific Symbols


    1. Activity such as business or ministry
    2. Small to large
    3. Solo or group
    4. Who is driving?


    1. Places we live or work
    2. A home or house – your life
    3. Office or business – your work
    4. Church – your ministry
    5. Check condition of building

    Tools or Toys

    1. Skills or abilities
    2. Fun and entertainment

    C. Places


    1. Your origins
    2. Past experiences


    1. Home town – comfort zone
    2. Big city – bad experiences

    Public Places


    1. Shopping experiences
    2. Inner conflicts

    Airports, Stations and Harbors

    1. Bad memories of goodbyes
    2. Travel or change


    1. Relationship experiences
    2. Entertainment in your life


    1. A nightmare or happy memory
    2. Education or intellect


    1. Your responsibilities
    2. Things you depend on 

    D. Colors and Numbers

    1. No hard and fast rule
    2. No numerology
    3. Can be positive or negative
    4. Your own choice of interpretation

    Bright Colors

    1. Too extreme – conservative
    2. Exciting – expressive

    Dull Colors

    1. Comfort zone
    2. Boredom
    3. Safe zone

    Main Colors

    Red – pain and wounds, warning, excitement (blood pumping)

    Green – prosperity & growth, sour or unripe, envy or jealousy

    Blue – peace & tranquility, freedom – blue sky or, calm – blue water, staleness – mold

    Yellow – brightness & radiance, old and stale, illness – jaundice

    Purple – royalty or majesty, bruising – pain & suffering

    Orange – warmth & comfort, half baked

    E. Events


    1. Something new
    2. Pain and suffering


    1. Something exciting
    2. Extra cares


    1. Goal reached
    2. New temptation or test


    1. Something to give up
    2. A breakup


    1. Preparation for future
    2. Past hurts

    F. Feelings and Emotions

    1. Making choices
    2. Involuntary choices
    3. Voluntary choices
    4. Guilt at choices and actions

    Positive Emotions

    1. Encouragement
    2. Motivation
    3. Challenge or aspiration

    Negative Emotions

    1. Warning dream
    2. Direction, not correction

    G. Spoken Words

    Words You Heard

    1. Directive
    2. Caution
    3. Instruction
    4. Your own language
    5. Foreign language

    Words You Spoke

    1. Self affirmation
    2. Confession
    3. Decision
    4. Instruction
    5. Excuse
    6. Foreign language