Events During Sleep

What Happens When you Sleep

You do not need to sleep long to rest your body. But if you do not sleep long enough to overcome the stresses of life, you will soon be in trouble.

Sleep to Relieve Stress

You should sleep long enough to get rid of the stress. If you do not get rid of the stresses, you may find yourself continually wanting to sleep. 

If you fail to do this you will start having REM while you are awake. This will feel like you are having hallucinations.

How Optimization Works

Daily input is stored in a kind of temporary folder in your memory. This needs to be cleared each night and the data settled into your sub conscious mind. 

If this is not done regularly, you may begin to feel overwhelmed. You have too much pending data and do not know what to do with it.

Templates and Programming

Some of the data on a hard drive is in the form of configuration files to control programs. So also your sub conscious mind has data configurations that can affect how you function in life. 

I chose the word templates to described data that affect these programs, as the word template is a computer programming term. Templates are bits of memory that affect how we function. They are created by the experiences of life.

Instant Responses

When things happen in life, they often create a script in memory that runs like a short computer program.

When you face similar circumstances in the future, your mind will search for these scripts and pull them out. This happens so quickly you do not realize that you are doing something based on past experience. 

There can be a sudden change in your feelings that you cannot explain. I call this a trigger. Your brain found a little script in memory and this is triggered off because of the situation you are facing. You may not remember the past event that caused this, but it is stored away there in your sub conscious.

How Templates Are Formed

During your dream cycle all the templates created during your life are being modified and rearranged. When you are young there are not many of these, so when children dream they are often creating new templates for future use. 

Each stage of life brings new stresses and new events. Each of these causes more templates to be added, until you have a whole collection of them. These are then modifed in your dreams if other new things happen in your life.

Program Template Chains

Progam templates are like chains that are formed one link at a time. The first some you experience something the first link is formed. Then later when you have similar experiences, further links are added to the chain. 

All of this takes place during your dream sleep.

Dealing With Emotional Stress

You must get rid of emotional stress before you wake up. If there is still stress there, you may find yourself still wanting to sleep more. 

It is important that you listen to the message your body is giving and have all the sleep you need. If not, you will not be able to cope with new stresses in your daily life. 

Shutting Off the Senses

When you sleep your conscious mind is still active. All that has changed is that the senses that feed data in from the outside have been shut off.

Dreams take place in the conscious mind, which is why you may feel like you are really living what you dream. 

Why You Remember Your Dreams

When your dream is finished, it is cleared from your conscious mind. It is a bit like closing a program that is running on your computer. The computer is still one,  but nothing is running right now. 

If you now wake up, there is nothing on your mind, and you will not remember what you just dreamed. But if you wake up while a dream is in process, you will remember it. Your mind remains active, but now your senses kick in and override the dream.

If you go back to sleep right away, you may find that the dream carries on where it left off.

All of these processes take place in natural dreaming. But there are different kinds of dream and we will look at that next.