Events And Emotions

Chapter 15 – Interpreting Events and Emotions

You can have events in your dreams. What actually happened in your dream? Events are a very important part of your dream along with all the objects in it.

Don’t assume again that positive events have a positive meaning or that negative events have a negative meaning.


A birth is usually a good event. But it can also be a painful experience if you are a woman. It also brings new responsibilities. This could be something new in your life of ministry.


Marriage is a lot like a birth. It speaks of both a new relationship and new responsibilities. If you are single and wanting to be married, it could be a fulfilled desire.


Promotion can represent a goal reached, a desire fulfilled, or a new responsibility. It all depends on how you would see or respond to promotion.


Death, loss or rejection are negative in the natural, but spiritually they can sometimes be a good thing if the Lord is addressing things in you. 

Check and see if the person who died is not perhaps a part of you that is supposed to die. 

Making Choices

You can make choices in your dreams voluntarily, or you find yourself making them without having control over it. These choices may leave you feeling guilty or good because you did something that you normally would be afraid to do. 

You must assess how important your choices are, and if they are showing you something about yourself, or an action that you should be carrying out.


How you feel in your dream or when you wake up during the dream can be an important sign. 

If your dream is negative, the only negative dream really is the warning dream. Most of your dreams should actually have a positive connotation.

But don’t always assume that your dream is a warning dream. You may be so used to being put down that you see the negative and allow it to discourage you. Your dreams should never discourage, but should uplift you.

Spoken Words

Words spoken in your dream could come from others or from yourself. Each of these can have a different meaning.You may hear a voice coming from nowhere and this is also significant.

Hearing Spoken Words

You may hear words of direction in your dream. These could confirm a direction you need to take, a warning, or instruction.

If you do not understand the words, or they are in another language then you are being influenced by something you are not familiar with or perhaps an old influence you have forgotten.

Speaking Words Yourself

Your own words could be an affirmation, a confession or a commitment. 

If you are speaking in a foreign language or stumble on your words then perhaps you are trying to do something unfamiliar or your weakness is being exposed. 


The best time to interpret your dream is right after you had it. Record it because sometimes dreams are linked to each other. 

Sometimes you may have more than one dream in the same night. These will often connect together and give the same message from a different viewpoint. 

Do not reject your dreams as just silly nonsense if they stand out in your memory. Write them down and assess them using the principles outlined in this book and you will be amazed what they show you.