Dream Symbols

Chapter 12 – A Look at Some Symbols

We dealt in the last chapter with some basic concepts of dream interpretation. Let’s look now at some of the symbols that can take place in your dreams.


Here is the most common symbol of all – people. People are probably the most significant part of your dream.

Here are some options you can consider in trying to identify the symbols.

People You Know

What kind of people are in your dreams?

If they are people you know, then they are important symbols to you.

Examine Your Relationship

Male characters are often a picture of your masculine nature. And female characters picture your feminine nature. 

We all have both of these qualities in us so a woman can still represent part of you.

Your relationship with the person will help you to decide what this symbol means. That person has to be interpreted as a picture of something about you.

There are people that you respect and others that you despise. What is your attitude towards those people?

The Right Way to Get Help

Where you do not know the person, look at some of their characterisics. Are they tall or short, strong or weak, good looking or ugly?

Your dream could be giving you a picture of something that you need in your life. Or it could be showing you something you need to get rid of.

Specific Symbols of People

Here are some typical symbols that you will get with regard to people.

Your Parents

A father can often be a picture of the Lord and a mother the Church. But it all depends on your relationship with your parents. 

You must decide based on how you feel when you see your parents. 

Your Spouse

A spouse is somebody you are married to. You are very close and intimate with that person.

It is a picture of a part of you that you are attached to and don’t want to let go of. This might be a good thing or a bad thing.

Your Siblings

Siblings are part of your family and can be a picture of your inner nature. 

They could be a picture of your mental or emotional nature, or your talents and abilities.

Your Children

Children are what you have birthed or originated. They are part of you and like you in many ways. 

They can represent some of your inner conflicts or influences. They are what you have produced in life and can be both positive and negative. 

Using Allegories

You must always interpret your dreams allegorically. 

If you find this difficult, try reading fantasy stories or books so you can start thinking more in symbols than reality.


Friends are people you have a relationship or association with. And since these can be both good and bad, they once again are pictures of influences in your life.

They can be a picture of both weaknesses and strengths that you have. 

Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Ex-Spouses

These are people that you had a more intimate relatonship with. And perhaps you still have feelings for them. 

In that case, they are a picture of old desires in you that are not satisfied. 

A first love is often a picture of your original passion, and returning to your first love can mean that you are looking back to the past. It can be telling you to either get back to where you were, or to let go of what you were. 

Your Associations

Associations are people that we have been involved with at some point. Depending on how closely you were associated with them, they will be strong or weak influences in your life. 

What these people are doing in your dreams can tell you how to handle these influences. 

Your Past Relationships

Past relationships can leave hurts or bitterness. So when you dream of someone that you still feel negative about, your dream might be showing you something from the past that still needs to be dealt with. 

The person is not your problem, but your attitude towards them. And this attitude may also be showing towards others. 

Break it Down

These are all the different kinds of symbols that can come from the people in your dreams. I have in fact hardly even touched on it. But that just gives you an idea of what to do.

As you look at your dream, start breaking it down and asking yourself some of these questions.

1. Where does this person fit?
2. Are they close or are they distant?
3. Are they relatives, friends or ex’s?
4. What is my relationship and attitude to them?
5. What could this symbol mean in my dreams?

Next we will begin to look at the objects in your dreams, and those can mean something totally different.