Demonic Supernatural Dreams

Demonic Supernatural Dreams

We will end up by looking at demonic supernatural dreams.


There are two kinds of demonic supernatural dreams. The first one is one that all of us have experienced at one time or another.

We call those dreams nightmares.

Not all negative dreams are nightmares

There is a difference between having a dream which is bad news, and a dream that fills your heart with fear. 

Nightmares we are not just negative dreams. They are dreams that are filled with fear.

Produces More Stress

Nightmares are always demonically supernatural as I will show you shortly.

Your own spirit and soul try to help and heal and take away pain. This cannot happen if fear is added.

So if your dream is filled with fear, it did not come from your own heart. It came from the enemy.

Demonic Dreams in Scripture

One of the clearest examples of a demonic dream is in the book of Job.

In Job 7:13 to 15 he says:

When I say, My bed will comfort me, my couch will ease my complaint;
Then you scare me with dreams, and terrify me through visions:
So that my soul chooses strangling, [and] death rather than my life.

Job thought these dreams came from God, but we know that it was Satan who was attacking him.

Demonic Deception

Satan tries to make people think that his demonic dreams came from God. Here is another example from Job.

Job 4:12 to 15 says:

Now a thing was secretly brought to me, and my ear received a whisper of it.
In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on men,
Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones shake.
Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up: 

This person also thought this dream was from God, but it was not.

You see when you wake up in fear; when your hair stands up and you get goose bumps, these are signs of a demonic dream.

Evidence of a Curse

Fear is the weapon of Satan, not of God. As I have taught elsewhere, fear is both the force and the sign of a curse.

So when you have a nightmare, it is quite clear that you are experiencing the effects of a curse.

Identifying Curses

If you have a nightmare there is a curse in your life.

I have taught very clearly in The New Way of Blessing how to identify curses, under the subject of Dealing With Curses. Here is a summary.

Spoken Words and Bitterness

1. You opened your heart to somebody who is under a curse and that influence came back at you.

2. You allowed bitterness in your heart against somebody who was under a curse. By doing that you linked with them in the spirit and opened the door for the curse to come back at you.

3. You received words or teachings from someone who had a wrong spirit. Those words that came from them and the spiritual power that was in them came against you and caused a curse in your life.

4. You have someone who is bitter with you. He or she is against you and is busy speaking words against you and cursing you. Sometimes that person may even be a believer. They may even think that they are doing God a service and are praying against you.

Cursed Objects

You may have cursed objects in your home, especially in your bedroom.

Perhaps you have picked up a book that you have been reading. And when you were finished you put the book next to your bed. That night you sleep and you have a nightmare.

Be very careful what book you left lying next to your bed, because words contain the spirit of the person who wrote them.

Whoever wrote that book may have a bad spirit, and just by having that book lying next to your bed you have a nightmare that night. 

Signs of a Curse

What are the main signs of a curse? Look for them when you wake up. They are:

1. Theft
2. Strife
3. Destruction
4. Fear

Have things been going wrong financially?

Are you having conflict at work, in the family or at church?

Are things breaking down, like the car, your washing machine or plumbing?

Are filled with fear? This is the one that is manifested now in your dreams.

Divination Dreams

The second kind of demonic supernatural dream is what I call divination.

Demonic dreams that have a future orientation are usually always negative and create fear.

If you have a dream like that you can be sure it is Satan showing you what he plans for your future. It is a spirit of divination.

Lots of Details

Satan’s kind of dreams are usually very specific and very detailed.

When the fortune tellers give predictions for the future they will usually give you a lot of detail. This is unlike God who gives you the parts that you need to know.

You will usually find at least one of the elements of a curse in a demonic dream.

A Wrong Positive Picture

A demonic dream can also be falsely positive. It may give you promises of fame and fortune.

God doesn’t give us predictions of the future that exalt us and lift us up. He gives us dreams that show His plan for our lives and what He wants to do in this world.

Concluding it All

And so in conclusion, supernatural dreams are like supernatural visions.

They are mainly the domain of the prophet, and the prophet should receive this kind of dream.

They should be understood clearly. They should be used correctly. And they should never ever be confused with normal natural or spiritual types of dreams.

You should be able to use this powerful tool that God has given you to extend His kingdom in the earth; to fulfill the calling that God has given you as a prophet.