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Understanding Visions and Dreams

You Can Understand Your Visions And Dreams

This website contains an abridged copy of the FULL BOOK to help you learn all the principles freely.

You have been seeing visions without realizing it.

But how can you tell if the vision is really from God, and what should you do with this vision?

Your dreams often have clear meanings. But when you try to understand them you get confused. Dream interpretation seems so complicated, and you do not know what all the pictures are supposed to mean.

You have read books on the subject, but they do not explain how these things work or why you are experiencing what you do.

You would like to use visions and dreams in your Prophetic Ministry but you do not know enough about them to be confident in this.

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An Answer To Your Confusion Has Arrived

After years of experience in training Prophets, counseling and ministering to people using their dreams and visions, Apostle Les D. Crause has finally put together the most comprehensive teaching on prophetic visions and dreams to date.

A Word From Apostle Les

I first came across the idea of interpreting dreams many years ago, when I read a book by the late Catherine Marshall entitled Something More. There she spoke about interpreting your dreams and offered some suggestions on how to do it.

But the greatest understanding came when I read the teachings of John Sandford, who pioneered the Inner Healing movement. He wrote an awesome book on the ministry of the prophet called The Elijah Task, in which he explained some of the principles involved in understanding dreams.

From there the Lord taught me, and over time interpreting dreams became a standard part of my regular ministry. I taught the principles to my spiritual children and others have produced teachings on the subject, but I never really laid out a full teaching on the subject until recently.

Today there is a host of teaching available on dream interpretation including whole books on dreams symbols. But I have never been in favor of approaching the subject in this way. This is done even by unbelievers, and we need to stand out as different.

So I have finally put my full teaching into print, and also shown you how to interpret the symbols in your dreams. These will be different for different people, so you will not be getting a symbols dictionary from me.

But I will show you how to take the most common symbols in your dreams and turn them into principles that you can use to fully understand your dream and get the most out of it.

I also explain why we dream, what actually happens when we dream, and the various different kinds of dreams that we have.

My book, and this website now stand as the full teaching on this subject, and I believe you will be blessed by it.


On this website you will find a FULL SUMMARY of every chapter in my new book. You can learn the principles freely without even buying the book.

Once you have read all the principles, you may want to buy the book so you can study the subject in detail. But I have already given you enough to get going right away.